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"RAKE" LLC offered services:

Subsequent years the company showed that the calculations were correct and currently the company is implementing a mountainous task, the following Areas stones.

1.Geological work design;

2.Geological mapping and extraction (including regional);

3.Geological, exploration and prospecting work;

4.Hydro-geological work;

5.Geophysical work;

6.Country - Chemical Works;

7.Engineering geological work;

8.Description and sampling, cutting and processing of samples and cores;

9.Тo exploration and production , exploration and development of;

10.Topo - Survey works and surveying laser takhometrakan extraction;

11.Capital construction hetaznnman licensed engineering works;

12.Hydraulic structures, tailing hetaznnman licensed engineering works;

13.Mining and major construction project;

14.Underground porvatskneri transition, reconstruction services;

15.Drilling machines work СКБ-4 (4 tool) NQ-yerasyunyakayin "ATLAS-COPCO" firm tools;

16.Reporting, ITF Media, TTE media forms, resources, konditsianeri calculation and presentation approval OS PPG in;

17.Preparation - Lernagortsneri, geologist, operators, harstatsnoghneri;

18.Uterus use of legal advice and so on;

The company ahovvats means of communication, modern geological tools and equipment, computer programs.

We present below works of LLC "RAKE"


1. Trenching m3 14950.

2. Excavationof boreholes r/m 780.

3. Trenching m3 13900.

4. Furrowprocessingsamples m 15615.

5. Well-boring r/m 18600.

6. Geophysical survey ha 400.

7. Hydrogeology ha 2400.

8. Topographical survey ha 1820.

9. Geotechnicalmapping ha 1310.

10. Hydrogeologicalroutes km 44.

11. Geochemistry ha 11000.

12. Geochemicaltesting samples 5000.

13. Technological capture samples 15.

14. Capture and research samples 856 of microsection.

15. Schlichtesting samples 745.

16. Restoration of underground exploration works m 780.

17. Regional geological mining M1:10.000 km280.

18. Gelogical exploratory mapping of M1:2000 ga1500.

19. Cutting and processing of wells m19600.

20. Geochemicallaboratory studies samples 3000.

21. Laboratory studies of wells samples 850.



"RAKE" LLC. Desighn by Narek Antonyan tel.(055)539227