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2006-2012 years. by LLC "RAKE" were held and delivered to the customer different works, in particular:

1. Exploration on the Tukhmanuk gold, the Getik gold-polymetallic deposit, the Ankavan gold-copper-molybdenum deposit, gold deposits Marjan, the Lernashen copper-molybdenum deposit.

2. Search and exploration of the volcanic tuff, travertine, basalt, limestone, gypsum-bearing rock, sand, clay and other non-metallic materials in more than 20 fields.

3. Laser topographical surveytachometer and digital processing card Ankavanskogo gold-copper-molybdenum deposit, Terterasarskogo, Lichkvaz-Teya, Mardzhanskogo gold, covering about 2,000 hectares.

4. Monitoring the positive passing the examination and design Tuhmanukskoy concentrator its technological retrofitting and construction taigs, fixing transportation tunnels and Shahumyan Terterasarskogo gold deposits, conservation copper pyrite deposits Kapan.

5. Establishing and monitoring the performance of projects passing the examination Mardzhanskogo, Tuhmanukskogo, Lichkvaz-Teya gold, Zod gold mine and gold deposits Amulsarskogo quartzite Ankavanskogo gold-copper-molybdenum deposit and Azatekskogo zolotopolimetallicheskogo field.

6. For the design of several apartment buildings in Yerevan, complex "Grieg Plaza", the Armenian-German Center conducted geotechnical survey work sites.

7. In order to state akreditovaniya chemical analytical laboratory of "Mego Gold", "Iberian Resursiz" and "Dino Gold Mining" were compiled documents and production schedules.

8. 2010-2011, the "ADL Mineralz Metalz Investments in Armenia" LLC´s request. implemented Lernasheni gold-polymetallic and field and Privolnoye geological-prospecting work.

Improvements the company
of works performed on 31.12.2012. is 2850 drams. Components of the project, operating open pit gold mine Zod ordered "GeoProMining Gold" LLC, and by order of the company "Akhtala GOG" copper-pyrite deposit Shamluh. Our customers are well-known "Global Gold Mining Compani," "Iberian Resoursez", "Dino Gold Mining campaign", "Golden Ore", "IMM Resoursez Straight", "Azatekgold", "RMMI Armenia", "GETN Group," "Neolithic , "" Multi Group "," Mika Cement "," Bhamo "," Shen Concern "," Aviatrans ",and other famous companies.

"RAKE" LLC Desighn by Narek Antonyan tel.(055)539227