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"RAKE" LLC Company Overview

As was created the firm

1.In 2006, two other professional dealing with the mining industry, decided to create a single organization, with the aim to combine the well-known experts who have in the mining industry of the great scientific and work experience, to do their preferred activities, which combines all of the spectra of the sphere. To this end, without much thought, to create an organization with limited liability "RAKE", the name of which is assumed the first letters of names of the two partners. Since the founders also had significant professional experience, reputation and collaborated with many experts, the discussion quickly passed, and have set the industry to those activities, the performance of which can provide an organization. The latest years of the organization proved that the calculations were correct. Currently, the company is working on mining, geological surveys and exploration, confirmation of mineral resources, processing of stones and other works ...

Scientists, advisers and experts involved in the list


1.Shahen Khachatryan - candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, head of the petrology and geochemistry chair of mineralogists.

2.Gagik Markosian - candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor.

3. Hovhannes Guyumdzhyan - candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor.

4. Hoghmik Sargsyan – Honorable Professor of Regional Geology, Yerevan State University, author of trilingual encyclopedia of geological terms.

5. Sevak Galstyan - Mining Engineer, Head of the Mining Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Department, Ph.D.

6. Volodya Ambartsumian - mining engineer, lecturer Maroukhyan, chief metals and mining institute.

7. Hovhannes Nikoghosyan - director of "Akunk-FIRM" for Environmental Engineering and assess the impact on the environment.

8. Vram Tevosyan - director of "KONSEKOARD" in Environmental Engineering and assess the impact on the environment.

9. Artashes Hayrapetyan - director of "S.V.G." Environmental Center for geochemical studies of Academician S. Grigoryan.

10.Gevorg Petros Pirumyan - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Environmental Chemistry, head of the environmental safety of the Yerevan State University, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Armenia, academician of the Russian, U.S. and International Academy of Ecology, National Expert several international organizations.

Our organization works closely with all competent laboratories, geological, mining institutes and institutions of Armenia.

"RAKE" LLC Desighn by Narek Antonyan tel.(055)539227